Literally, all her friends

AMF is first and foremost, a community.

AMF Studios is a collective of artistic freelancers who span across multiple mediums, skillsets, and trades. 

Part networking-group, part production-company, AMF is a multi-flex organization dedicated to creatives & freelancers; a company built to produce creative work by connecting individuals across specialties and forging lifelong friendships and collaborative partners. 

Founded by Jana Bergstedt, a production designer/event coordinator/stylist/installer, who realized artists should not be defined by titles, rather, by the set of skills they have that apply to many situations. All My Friends is the culmination of a freelance career and the mindset that relationships are the most important element of our lives. Friends are our chosen family, support system, and built in collaborators. AMF is not just a network, but a studio designed to be inviting and inspiring. All of that starts with authentic relationships.

We are not defined by our past roles, rather, our future potential.

By personally knowing each member, she has the capacity to pull on people's wholistic strengths, rather than just their resumes. AMF curates groups of freelancers to produce unique events, media productions, and experiences.

Truly knowing and understanding her community members is the key to creating an inspired collective, and a lifelong group of friends. 




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